Guinea Pig Rescue

My name is Judi Lainer, and I am an active member of the House Rabbit Society in the MD/DC/NoVA chapter. I am also involved in an ongoing rescue of guinea pigs from local area shelters. These guineas have a better opportunity for adoption if given time to become healthy and happy - something that shelters don't have time for, especially with small animals. In conjunction with a lack of time, most shelters are inexperienced with the needs of guinea pigs. These are reasons why I try to take them in when shelters are having a hard time adopting them out and are ready to euthanize them.

I always have lots of guinea pig rescues available for adoption. I live in  northern Virginia. I also have several foster homes around the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area. I do NOT 'ship' guinea pigs!! Local area only please, or email me if you want to drive down for a visit and possible adoption.

Guinea Pigs for Adoption!   including pictures of many of my foster piggies

Feel free to email me for more information at

Take a look at my home page:

BunsnPigs's Home Page

also check out the MD/DC/NoVA Houserabbit Society

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