Small Animals at the Humane Society of Harford County

If you are interested in any of the shelter rabbits or pigs email Laurie Kuhn  or call (410)893-6506

  Rabbits are adopted to indoor homes only.

Marc and Cleo

Marc and Cleo are a bonded pair looking for someone to love them. They are a sweet pair who enjoy staying close to home. They would love lots of TLC and gentle attention. Because Marc and Cleo are a bonded pair they must be adopted together.


Righty is a shy girl who loves to get ear rubs. She likes to stay close to home but will start exploring when she feels safe. She is looking for a home with lots of pets and veggies. Indoor homes only.


Sasha was a little shy when she came to the shelter. With a lot of TLC she has learned that people are nice and provide fresh food and lots of pets. She would like a home of her own where she can feel safe. Indoor homes only.


Scooby is a very friendly guy. He is always asking for ear rubs. He has big ears for plenty of rubs. Scooby also has big back feet that he likes to kick high in the air as he runs and jumps. He is a mini-rex which means he has soft velvety fur. Indoor homes only.


Mopsy and Flopsy are sisters who were surrendered to the shelter. They both love to explore and look forward to time out of their condo. Mopsy is more outgoing and will find the highest piece of furniture in the room to climb. She is looking for a home of her own to explore. Indoor homes only.


Flopsy and Mopsy are sister that were surrendered to the shelter. Flopsy loves to spend time out of her condo. She spends the time perfecting her dance moves. She can be seen at the shelter kicking up her heels and turning in mid air. She would love a new family to entertain. Indoor homes only.


Lucky is a sweet pig who is looking for a friend. He likes to run around the room getting into all the small corners. He loves to eat his carrots and lettuce. Indoor homes only.


Gamma was brought to the shelter with his brother Aries. As they grew older they started fighting so we had to seperate them. He is now looking for a permament home with fresh veggies and maybe a guinea pig girl.


Sunshine would like a home of her own.

A family has surrendered an unwanted litter of 11 hamsters. They are dwarf hamsters and are looking for new homes. They are separated into groups of 1, 2 or 3.