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2019 Rabbit Rescue Stories

Usually our hands are full helping our local rescue buns, but this year, our chapter assisted with a hoarding case from Texas. Read more below and if you can, please donate.

Over 450 rabbits were being held in awful conditions by a breeder in Dallas and rescues nationwide banded together to rescue these rabbits. We took in 28 rabbits who were confiscated by the SPCA of Texas. Already, ten of these rabbits have been adopted! In total, we found forever homes for 40 rabbits in 2019.

Each of the Texas rabbits had several medical issues that needed treatment. Our amazing volunteers got them the necessary care to make them healthy and adoptable. Willow (formerly, Leslie) came to us with a tricky upper respiratory infection and was proactively treated for syphilis and ear mites since so many of the rabbits came to us with those conditions. She was adopted by a couple to be a friend for their rabbit and is now living the good life in her forever home.

We also expanded our community outreach efforts and partnered with Mindful You in Dundalk, Maryland for bunny yoga. Maria Reusing led these fun and furry events, which allowed participants to engage in mindful exercise while enjoying the zen that only rabbits can bring. All proceeds directly supported our mission and got the word out about our rescue efforts!

We can save these rabbits thanks to your generosity.

Your donations allow us to provide veterinary care, food, and supplies to our rescue rabbits. We are run entirely by volunteers and your financial contributions allow us to care for these buns. Please donate today so that we may continue this important work.


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