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Sanctuary Rabbits

“Why don’t some rabbits get adopted?”

There are several reasons, the most obvious being medical, but many rabbits are passed over because of temperament, physical appearance, age, or a combination of these factors. We need special members to open their homes to these special rabbits and give them permanent sanctuary. If you have toyed with the idea of becoming a fosterer but are concerned that you’d become attached and have a hard time giving up your foster rabbits when someone wanted to adopt them, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Adopting a Sanctuary Rabbit

When you adopt a sanctuary rabbit or a pair of them, they will become yours, but HRS will continue to provide for their medical care throughout their lives. If you are unable to take in a sanctuary rabbit, please consider making a donation toward the considerable expenses of these special rabbits. Our chapter is proud to honor its lifelong commitment to “our” rabbits, and your donation will be of tremendous assistance. Or, if you are unable to have a rabbit in your home, consider becoming a sponsor for the sanctuary rabbit of your choice.

Please help these rabbits continue to get the care they need by sponsoring a special needs rabbit. You can donate online to make a commitment to a special rabbit:

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