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Buy Bunnies the Time They Need...

It has been another busy year of helping bunnies here at the House Rabbit Society. In 2022, we found loving homes for 33 rabbits. Your support buys bunnies the time they need. May we all look forward to health and love in 2023.

Sometimes, we take in a rabbit who may be with us indefinitely, maybe even permanently. That was the case when BARCS emailed us about a little fuzzy lionhead named Daisy who needed eye surgery.

Daisy received excellent care thanks to Chadwell Animal Hospital and her HRS fosterer, Jodi. Daisy's eye was removed, her infection was treated, and she received a much-needed dental. Once she recovered, she was spayed and vaccinated. Her Petfinder profile caught the eye of a former adopter. Luckily, her rabbit and Daisy were fast friends. Now, Daisy has a new family.

We rely on YOU, our faithful supporters, to save these rabbits.

Medical care is our biggest expense at more than $15,000 per year. When a shelter contacts us about a rabbit like Daisy, we want to say "yes" and give that rabbit a chance to find a loving home. In partnership with our generous veterinary partners, your donations give that chance to both the rabbits who just need to be spay/neutered and vaccinated, as well as those that need additional advanced medical care.

Most importantly, you provide loving homes to the rabbits who share your lives. This year we relied on their companionship more than ever. A gift to help our foster rabbits honors that relationship and spreads that joy to others.


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