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Loudoun County hoarding case

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Following an animal hoarding investigation in Aldie, VA, in June, the Loudoun County Department of Animal Services (LCAS) took custody of 367 animals (primarily rabbits, quail and pheasants, as well as chinchillas, ducks, chickens, turkeys, guineafowl, peafowl and sheep).

The animals were found living in confined spaces filled with feces. Temperatures in one enclosure exceeded 116 degrees. Overcrowded, unsanitary enclosures contributed to widespread illness, chronic injury and poor body condition, with a veterinarian determining that many of the birds were at the lowest possible weight to survive.

Our House Rabbit Society chapter took in 15 of the 56 rabbits. Many of these rabbits came to us with upper respiratory infections due to their previous living conditions. They are now recovered after receiving veterinary care and treatment for these conditions. Sadly, we noticed that many of the rabbits drink massive quantities of water. This suggests to us that they were routinely deprived of water in the past.

All of the rabbits have been spayed and neutered as well. The shelter was able to spay half of the rabbits which was a big help but we paid for surgery for eight rabbits. Three families volunteered to foster some of these rabbits. However, most of the rabbits went into our existing foster homes which has stretched our resources.

They are really enjoying being able to stretch their legs and hop. Some of the rabbits are very friendly in spite of the horrible environment but some are very scared. Our volunteers will earn their trust and give them a good life until they find their new family.

Can you please donate to help us care for these and our other foster rabbits? Any amount helps!


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